Food is the simplest medicine. I love cooking fresh, nutritious food that is good for my body. This blog captures my love of food and the joy I experience cooking gluten-free. I cook organic, seasonal, gluten and egg free meals—most of which can be prepared in an hour or less.

About Me

I love food. Food is more than what fuels us—it’s social and emotional. I was diagnosed with celiac and several food allergies in 2007. During the three years it took to identify the cause of my illness I had to put my life on hold.  But getting a diagnosis was just the beginning. What could I eat? Where should I start? How would I ever feel healthy again?

Working with a personal chef opened up a world of possibilities. This blog is my chance to share that sense of possibility with you. Whether you are recently diagnosed or have been living gluten free for years, I hope you find these recipes delicious and inspiring.

I believe…

Eating gluten free shouldn’t be a sacrifice. Part of healthy eating is learning when to indulge and how to give in to a craving without getting sick.

Not everything is delicious gluten and egg free. Alas, there will be no egg free, gluten free quiches in the posts that follow. Cooking foods that will be tasty and satisfying has meant learning how to select recipes that will be just as good—or better—once I make them “Stephanie friendly.”

There is no substitute for learning to listen to your body. Your body is the expert on what it needs. Feeling healthy can be a strong motivation for changing the way you eat.

Bodies of many shapes and sizes can be healthy. This is not a guide on dieting or losing weight.

Chronic illness causes very real suffering. I can’t fully express how I felt or how much I gave up during the three years leading up to my diagnosis. What I can say with certainty is that getting a diagnosis and learning to cook gave me back my life. My hope is that you can be healthy, too.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Yay for you Steph! I look forward to following your blog. I, myself, am gluten and bovine dairy free, so I can understand some of your struggles to make yummy food “Stephanie friendly”. And please tell your parents “hello” from me!

    • I had to eliminate dairy, sugar cane, garlic, and blueberries in addition to eggs and gluten when I was first diagnosed. When I brought dairy back in to my diet I started with goat’s milk. I was delighted to discover goat’s milk feta, gouda, etc. So delicious! And much more easily digested. Thanks for the comment, and maybe you can share a recipe or two sometime:) Hope all is well!

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