Principles of Healthy Eating

 I’m not interested in fad diets. I would never give up gluten if my body would let me digest it, and I think any weight-loss based eating plan that involves cutting out an entire food group is a little bit crazy. There are many great reasons to avoid certain foods—from allergies to ethics—but just as many not-so-great reasons. I believe that the best nutrition comes from whole foods, healthy fats, and eating a varied diet. Our bodies are different and there is no single diet that will work for everyone, but there are some basic principles that I eat and live by.

Some fat is good for you. Healthy sources of fat, such as nuts, olive oil, avocado, and lean fish and meats will always be staples in my diet.

Minimized processed foods. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cooking from scratch increase the nutrition in what you eat and limits your exposure to strange ingredients, chemicals, and food dyes.

Listen to your body. I do my best to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. By paying attention to how you feel after you eat, you can identify which foods give you a natural boost of energy and keep you feeling good.

Try new things! A varied diet may increase the healthy microbes in your gut, and it certainly increases the odds that you will get more essential nutrients from the food that you eat without relying on vitamins, which aren’t absorbed as efficiently as food.

Indulge (a little.) I eat a few squares of dark chocolate every day. It satisfies my craving for something sweet and keeps me from feeling deprived, which can lead to overindulging.

This is what works for me. It keeps my relationship to food fun and balanced, and keeps my body feeling healthy and strong. I hope you discover what works for you. If you have anything to add, please share in the comments!


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