Crisp Quinoa Cakes with Rosemary, Almonds, and Dijon

I know quinoa has become trendy, but it’s a staple in my gluten-free diet. It’s easy to make, high in protein, and has a subtle, nutty flavor. This recipe came recommended by a friend, and although I loved the flavor and will make them again, they fell apart a little while cooking. I made the mistake of cooking the quinoa according to package directions, but the recipe calls for a little more water than is typically used. The extra moisture could have made a significant difference in holding them together. No matter—they were still delicious!


Be careful not to overwork the cakes. Simply take a handful and gently form a patty between your hands. It’s okay if they’re a little thick, as long as you let them brown nicely on the outside. The combination of ingredients was perfect! The almonds add additional protein and a little crunch. Rosemary always pairs well with nuts, and the shallots and mustard brought a sharp, tangy flavor to the finished cakes. Top them with fresh lemon juice and they are ready to eat.


I really wanted a protein-rich meal, so I served the patties with black beans and a side of broccoli. This recipe seems versatile to me, and I would love to hear your suggestions for side dishes in the comments. It was also fantastic leftover. Surprisingly, the cakes held up to reheating and were just as flavorful as the first time around. This fast and simple February meal was a hit!


Crisp Quinoa Cakes with Rosemary, Almonds, and Dijon via New York Times

Mark Bittman


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