Gffriendly Holiday Gifts

Happy holidays! I spent my afternoon shopping for gifts at Crafty Wonderland, Portland’s annual holiday craft fair. There are so many beautiful things created by local artists and crafters that it’s hard to take it all in. If you’re buying presents for a gluten-free food lover this holiday I have some ideas that might inspire you. Or if you’re a gf foodie yourself, here are some things you might want to add to your wish list:

For bakers I recommend Flying Apron’s Gluten Free & Vegan Baking Book. I rarely purchase gf-specific cookbooks, but the precision required for high-quality baking makes a gf baking book worthwhile. What I love about this one is its focus on nutritious ingredients. Gluten free baked goods often rely on lots of starch and artificial sugars. These recipes are all about maple syrup, dates, coconut oil and spices. The results are still indulgent and naturally sweet without tasting artificial.

The Flavor Bible is on my wish list this year. This book is great if you want to start writing your own recipes. It explores the flavor profile of various foundational ingredients then identifies what pairs well with each one. Have a ton of chickpeas and no idea what to do with them? Let this be your guide.

Food is always a good gift, because who doesn’t like to eat? My friend Dawn directed me to these recipes for some gluten free sweet treats this holiday season. The BabyCakes NYC Chocolate Chip Cookies look ah-mazing. Food 52 has a list of 8 Edible Gifts You Can Make at Home—I keep eyeing the peanut butter cups and chai mix. Drinking chocolate with homemade marshmallows is also a special treat.

A subscription to a cooking magazine can be a wonderful gift. My mom bought me a subscription to Fine Cooking last year and I still think of her whenever arrives in the mail. Cooks Illustrated is also beautiful and definitely worth a subscription.

A nice wooden or slate cheese board, pretty serving dishes, or special napkins are ideal for cooks who love to host.

Tulip savoring the season

Tulip savoring the season

These are just a few of the many ideas that could make great gifts for the gffriendly food-lover in your life. Personally, I’m particularly grateful that I’ll be enjoying a Christmas meal with my future in-laws, who have gone to great lengths to ensure that I will eat well. Wherever and whatever you indulge in this season, may you stay healthy and be well!


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