Potato-Fennel Soup

Have I mentioned how much I love fennel?



This recipe makes the most of fresh fennel, utilizing the bulbs for the soup and the fronds for a delicate, flavorful topping. If you’re looking for a potato soup that isn’t too heavy, this is the one for you! This vegan version gets most of its flavor from the fennel, caraway seeds, and white pepper. White pepper is a unique flavor, so don’t make the mistake of substituting black pepper for this crucial ingredient. I add a little at a time and keep tasting to make sure the final dish is balanced.

white pepper and caraway

white pepper and caraway

caraway seed

caraway seed

I pretty much follow this recipe as it’s written, although I always substitute vegetable broth for water. I love using a mandolin to slice the onions and fennel. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re cutting slices that will cook evenly.



If you can eat dairy, it’s great with a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt on top. This is a perfect potato soup for a rainy day. I also enjoy it between holiday meals—after  overindulging and spending hours in the kitchen, this simple, healthy soup brings me back into balance.

DSCN1227Potato Fennel Soup via Rainy Day Veggies

From the Moosewood Restaurant Favorites cookbook


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