Mushroom Herb Turkey Meatloaf

It may seem ridiculous, but this is practically my signature dish. It’s the meal that always garners praise and seconds, even though at its heart it’s just a meatloaf. That said, what could be more satisfying?

Meatloaf is a great way to use gluten free bread because it often crumbles nicely. My version is a healthy take on a 1997 Gourmet recipe for Mushroom-Herb Meat Loaf Eich. Instead of using beef, veal, and bacon (which I’m sure is delicious) I use a pound of ground turkey and ¾ to 1 pound of mushrooms. I always purchase at least ¼ lb of dark meat to add some flavor.

pan full of mushrooms, peppers, onions, and garlic

pan full of mushrooms, peppers, onions, and garlic

bowl full of ingredients

bowl full of ingredients

I also coat the meatloaf in habañero ketchup before baking instead of bacon. This adds another dimension of flavor without the heaviness of bacon grease. If you follow my lead, you may want to leave out the cayenne in the original recipe, unless you really love spice. I use Melinda’s Habanero Ketchup, which is available at New Seasons (a local chain) and also at World Market.  If you substitute olive oil for the butter this recipe is also dairy free, and you honestly won’t notice the difference. I cook the meatloaf for the shortest recommended time—50 minutes. Even if it cooks a little longer than it needs to the juices from the peppers, onions, and ketchup should keep it moist.

pre-roasted meat loaf

pre-roasted meat loaf

This is perfect with a side of mashed potatoes, but this time I went a little lighter and roasted some sweet potatoes. I slipped them in the oven before I prepped the ingredients for the meatloaf, and by the time the meat was ready for the oven the sweet potatoes were fully roasted.


So satisfying! If you have a version of meat loaf that you keep coming back to, please share it in the comments!

Mushroom-Herb Meat Loaf Eich via Epicurious

Gourmet             September 1997


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